To cast, produce and choreograph live performances for Replay’s new product launch at the Old Selfridges Hotel, London: Hyperflex, Hyperskin & Hyperfree the world’s first active denim’s #TheFlexibles.

Designing & creating a large multi functional set to incorporate three unique different acro-sport performances: Acro Football, Acro Yoga and Parkour/ Free running.

Hyperflex: The Acro Football performance focused on the flexibility and intricate movements to showcase the dynamic material. Pulsating music and stadium style blue lighting captivated the audiences attention with the first performance.

Hyperskin: The pace and music tempo was lowered along with a twilight yoga-esque smokey atmosphere to focus on the stretchy skin features. The elongated and complex controlled acro yoga moves to create a magical effect on the spectators.

Hyperfree: The final performance was innovative and carefully planned with a great mix of dubstep and lyrical instrumental moments to draw the audience into an immersive show. The choreography consisted of high jumps, acrobatics, intricate bar work on scaffolding and explosive sharp movements on the Chinese Pole to highlight the “hyperfree” capabilities of the jeans and their tough durability.

We created a multi sensory journey with powerful and impactful performances creating a visually stunning show of entertainment. Specially selected and mixed music, lighting and innovative choreography demonstrated each ranges unique qualities.

The event was covered in: GQ, Esquire, Marie Claire, Elle, Grazia and to name a few…

Event Company



AJK Agency

Show Director & Choreographer

Alex Kordek @AJK

Assistant Choreographer

Ali Temple

Parkour Team

Ali Temple, Connor Stringer, Craig Dagostino, Will Sutton, Nadia Lumley & Alfie Green @AJK

Acro Yoga Duo

Allie Ho Chee & Jessica Andrade @ AJK

Football Freestylers

Daniel Cutting & Charlotte Lade @AJK