Vintage Cabaret Duo

Into the world of luxury entertainment, high-end cabaret and couture, we are proud to introduce our elite and glamorous Vintage Cabaret Duo. With dazzling vintage, bespoke costumes and captivating dance performances, our dancers come together to produce an exquisite act which oozes chic and class. They have worked with some of the top clients in the world in both dance and fashion including: Vogue, 70th Cannes Film Festival, The Savoy London, Suzie Turner Couture, Boodles, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion eek, VIP Room Paris, The London Cabaret Club, The Crazy Paris Show, Fashion TV, Giorgio Armani, Prime: Hong Kong. Entertaining and interacting with guests whilst creating the perfect atmosphere, our vintage cabaret duo will create a unique and unforgettable experience, that radiates elegance and social charm. Whether it is a big scale production or personal event, we can tailor our act to fit all requirements, as it is our promise to provide clients with only the best in luxury entertainment.


Cabaret, Charleston