Alex Kordek

Alex’s strengths as a choreographer derive from his experience in-front, and behind the camera lens. With a BA in Film & Drama he channels his direction skills into movement, dance and choreography. Choreographing in all areas of the industry: Pop Artists, Music Videos, Commercials, Fashion Shows, Brand Launches, and Corporate Events. Alex’s versatility enables him to bring something unique to each project he works on. He also produces and directs Commercials, Music Videos, Short Films and Catwalk Shows. Alex thrives on bringing exciting ideas to life with his vivid imagination.



Commercial, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Street Dance, Locking, Popping, Musical Theatre, Burlesque, Catwalk, Movement Direction


BBC, Coca Cola, Nokia, HTC, Google, Cadburys, Spotify, Johnnie Walker Blue, Universal, The Vitality Show, Pineapple Dance Studios, Honey 2, Fuse, Warner Bros, Natwest, FemFresh, Hannah Diamond, Replay, Little Boots