To choreograph an immersive and theatrical event moment for Johnnie Walker Blue Label at the World Class Global Awards, Turbine Hall, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Working in a large venue but with numerous obstacles and features to work around.

We had to create & choreograph a performance with lots of props that would work in a very busy tight space full of media, press and audience members.

We created strong iconic choreography that was tight, sharp and yet wouldn’t impact the space of close audience members.

We created several different scenarios and versions of the choreography and rehearsed the different versions throughout the rehearsal period to prepare for the unknown amount of audience members that would be present at the event.

Throughout the project we worked extensively with the dancers & drummers on utilising every area of performance space.

Our focus was on the performers interaction with audience members so they felt immersed in the experience.

A full house of audience members along with the press and media were enthralled by the performance, capturing the moment on cameras and phones.


Done + Dusted


Alex Kordek @ AJK


Melody Squire @AJK


Wolfgang Mwange, Ashley Simon @AJK