Christmas Acts – Pandora’s Ballet Box

As some of you may have heard we our announcing some of our unique Christmas acts as which are ready to feature at your Christmas corporate events! As well as our 2016 featured Christmas Entertainment ideas, in true AJK style we have created a number of entirely bespoke shows that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We know that you can’t wait to see them so kicking off we have Pandora’s Ballet Box.

Everybody remembers the ballet dancer within Pandora’s box, twirling and swirling in front of her mirror. We at AJK have created for Christmas the ultimate vintage homage with a real life ballet box dancer. Expect breath taking choreography, stunning moments and utter warmth from these beautiful performances.

Planning your Christmas entertainment can sometimes be daunting but that’s why we are here, so why not have a chat with our Christmas entertainment specialists who can inspire your ideas and bring them to life.

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