AJK Agency were engaged in a 8 month contract to deliver corporate dance sessions for Nissan in Barcelona through Thales Learning & Development.


I engaged AJK Agency in 2016 to work on an experiential element of a programme I was developing for an external client. This programme was a follow up on an existing programme, which had been extremely successful and impactful and I needed something from AJK Agency that took this to the next level.

Despite us setting the bar extremely high Alex, Amy and their team were able to surpass all out expectations with a Bollywood dance activity that took all participants out of their comfort zones, developed their creativity, communication and teamwork. We were able to get people from the same function but based in different countries to work together effectively. Everyone without exception had fun, but were also able to identify how the core skills they used (face to face communication, creative thinking within a team, performing outside the comfort zone, decision making and “getting their heads above the laptop”) were able to help them back in work.

I have since used AJK Agency with another client in an entirely different business sector and we were able to achieve excellent results there as well.

I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Mike Davies

Learning and Development Consultant – Leadership and Management

AJK Agency | Corporate Bollywood Dance Lessons

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