Betty Boo

Whose ready for the weekend? We certainly are after working with the one and only Betty Boo!

Directed and produced by: Lloudn Stinkerd and Paul Toogood

Choreographer: Alex Kordek

Assistant  Choreographer: Stevie Mahoney

Dancers: Bex Leung & Stevie Mahoney

Director Of Photography: Dax Debice

Hair & Makeup: Nikki Palmer

Post-production supervisor: Chris Evans

Online Editor: Barney Jordan

Post Production: The Farm

Written by A Clarkson, A Wright, P Oakey and I Burden
Produced by Andy Wright, Gavin Goldberg and Betty Boo
Mixed by Gavin Goldberg
Mastered by La Source Mastering

Betty Boo Get Me To The Weekend - Alex Kordek - AJK Agency

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