Dancers Testimonials

Have a look at some of our dancers testimonies on how Alex Kordek and the AJK Agency helped to develop the careers of dancers who caught his eye in the weekly open agency class at Pineapple. From taking class dancers have gone on to work on Music Videos, Fashion shows, TV Commercials to name but a few. Alex has also helped dancers with how to present themselves as a brand from showreels to portfolio images and helped to find the best route for them in the industry. 

Dancers Testimonials

Alex Kordek of AJK Agency in many ways has helped me through a combination of his guidance and provision of opportunities take my career to the next level as a creative.

Matt Walker, Choreographer/Artist/Dancer/Teacher 

I predominantly work as a choreographer / dancer for AJK where on occasions I also get to assist with creative concept pitches and casting. This allows me to learn my craft and gain valuable experience at every stage of the creative process, from pitch to performance. As a performer I previously didn’t realise quite how much work goes into managing a client or handling a job, whether it be a live performance or a tv commercial etc… Working so closely with Alex has exposed me to such a wide range of experiences and clients that has helped me to grow as a creative in a way that I simply wouldn’t have otherwise. His passion, professionalism and dedication to all of us at AJK in whatever working capacity is excellent and in turn its so appreciated and valued in an industry that can often be so difficult, he brings you his full support, is always available to speak and is so motivating to be around and work with both personally and professionally. 

Thank you AJK for all the awesome opportunities, mentoring, allowing me to create and on a personal level for believing in me. Can’t wait for the next project! 

Tarek Khwiss, Dancer

I began taking AJK/Alex’s class roughly 3 years ago at Pineapple Studios. This began a fantastic yet positive relationship with an agency I am happy to be represented by! Covering classes and teaching workshops for the agency proved to me that this agency is all about love, gratitude & growth. I’ve booked a fantastic Fashion show through AJK and the process was fun yet professional, providing me with all the details I needed as well as making sure I was looked after. Thank you AJK, I look forward to the future. 

Amy Cook, Dancer

I first met Alex at his Agency class at Pineapple a few years ago, I loved how high energy and fast paced it was! We clicked straight away and I have been so lucky to have worked with him and the Agency ever since. I love the range of high quality jobs and projects he gets in, always something different! AJK has really helped me in my career and has helped me understand what it is that a client is looking for, from portfolio shots, showreel/footage and how to present myself as a brand. I would highly recommend this agency! Extremely professional, creative and approachable. Thank you AJK!



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